Lawyer for Long Island Kidney Wife Mentions the Unmentionables


Douglas Rothkopf, the lawyer for Long Island housewife Dawnell Batista, apparently wasn’t satisfied by the international press his client received after it was revealed that her ex-husband, Richard, was suing her for $1.5 million — otherwise known as the market value of the kidney he donated to her some years ago. He wasn’t sated by the fact that a medical professional had called Richard “wackadoo” in the paper, or that in pictures his client looked pretty and normal while her opponent looked like a scowling, mustachioed beast. He just had to top it off with the panty-sniffing stuff, and that, according to Richard’s lawyer, was a step too far. “That’s going to end up a headline somewhere!” the husband’s counselor bleated in court yesterday, after Rothkopf told the court that Richard was “rummaging through her underwear drawer and sniffing the underwear to see if she had cheated.” And so it did.

Batista’s wife fires back, calling L.I. doctor irrational: He sniffed my underwear [NYDN]
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