Liskula Cohen Is Not a Skank!


Liskula Cohen was a model (she was once on the cover of Australian Vogue!) until she was cut in the face in a bar fight over bottle service at a club last year, ending her career. (She was 35, anyway.) “I haven’t had a job since then,” she told the Post. Fast forward to now: Liskula is suing Google for not telling her the identity of the person running Skanks in NYC, a blog with like four posts on it, each of which call Liskula a skank in various ways, plus a handful of pictures of her in positions no more compromising than your average college freshman’s Facebook profile. This hurt and embarrassed her deeply, and according to her filing, “Liskula … doesn’t need any more agony.” Which is too bad. Because this lawsuit is going to make it even worse. For instance, just yesterday Google had only one result for “Liskula Cohen” and “skank.” But now there are like 1,300 and a Post photo gallery! Stay strong, lady. Maybe you’ll get your own reality-TV show someday.

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