Lily’s Real-Life Divorce Is Pretty Ugly


The real-life marriage of Kelly Rutherford, a.k.a. Gossip Girl’s Lily, is not ending as neatly as her character’s marriage to Bart Bass. The actress, who is four months pregnant, is getting a divorce from her husband of two years, German businessman Daniel Giersch, and things are getting, as the Deutsch say, hässlich.

In court papers this week, Rutherford dropped the dramatic news that her husband was under investigation for some kind of crime back in Deutschland, and that she was worried he might spirit their son, 2-year-old Hermès, overseas: “I feel there is some risk that he will leave the country with Hermès and I will not know where they are,” she said. He countered with allegations that she was spoiled and a lunatic, and once threw a laptop at him when she was angry. Awesomely, he also added that her “New York lifestyle” and “commitment to Gossip Girl” were the “main reasons” for the dissolution of their marriage. To which we can only say: sorry, Kelly. But at least it was worth it.

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