‘Look Muffy, a Blog for Us’


Plummeting Dow got you down? Lost your job? Your house? Your company? We’re sure that must all be just tragic, but thank God someone has finally recognized the recession’s real victims: people who date finance types. That’s right, ladies (and gentlemen, as the case may be). Those of you whose relationships have tanked faster than you can say “global financial crisis” are, at long last, getting the support and understanding you deserve. Thanks to Dating a Banker Anonymous, you can share your sob stories of “halved monthly Bergdorf allowances” and “disappearing bottle service” with similarly afflicted significant others. For all those young Manhattanites who thought their relationships were recession-proof, and that their “FGBs” (Finance Guy Boyfriends) would forever be loyal, you finally have your venting ground. (Sample headline: “God, you are so 24!”)

Dating a Banker Anonymous [DabaGirls]