Marty Golden and Hiram Monserrate Have Awkward Moment


People were left wondering if Hiram Monserrate would show up for his Senate swearing-in yesterday after he missed two appearances this week, and in light of the fact that he was arrested last month for assaulting his girlfriend with a broken bottle (an "unfortunate accident," he says). But the Queens Democrat breezed into the chamber at the last minute yesterday and made a beeline straight for Senator Martin J. Golden, who authored a resolution calling on the Senate to bar Monserrate from office until the charges are resolved. According to the Times, Golden was in the middle of shit-talking Monserrate to a group of reporters when he came up and tapped him on the shoulder:

“I don’t think he should be seated,” Mr. Golden said as Mr. Monserrate approached him and extended his hand, apparently taking Mr. Golden by surprise. The two men shook hands and exchanged brief pleasantries.

Well that's awkward. Hiram! Hey! I was just telling everyone what a thug you are! Also kind of unsettling, we think, for Golden. Last thing you want is for a dude with assault charges pending against him to have you in his crosshairs like that.

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