Midtown Twentysomething Thinks NYC Is O-V-E-R


Every once in a while, the Times writes one of those grand-scale trend stories that are so blatantly untrue and contrarian that when you read it, you can literally hear the high fives that were exchanged in the editors meeting when some "Styles" writer came up with it. "This is so Most E-mailed next week," the reporter probably gloated. "Eat that, Benoit Denizet Lewis." This weekend's version regarded the decline of New York City's mojo, because, you know, Barack Obama doesn't live here. Here's the article's money quote (well, after the "New York is over!" line from Lexi Featherston on Sex and the City):

“It feels as if a layer has been peeled back on New York,” Haley M. Rubin, 23, an advertising assistant account executive in Manhattan, said in an e-mail message. “When I’m out in bars and restaurants, there is a sheen that is missing. Not to say New York isn’t still exciting and fun, but it feels a little grittier; there is a sense that the thrill of paying $20 for a cocktail is over.”

If there is anything in this article that indicates New York is somehow "over," it's that our Paper of Record is relying on e-mails from bored advertising assistants one year out of college as source material on the state of the city.

When the Action Moves On [NYT]