Michelle Didn’t Wear Her Wedding Band on Inauguration Night!


Michelle Obama didn’t wear her wedding band on Inauguration Night! But most people think it’s because it wouldn’t have matched her diamond and platinum rings, not because she and Obama are flirting with divorce. But speaking of that, J.Lo and Marc Anthony sang a salsa song together at one of the inaugural balls and ended it with a kiss, so maybe they are doing okay again. Macy Gray is in love with Obama and wants to know why can’t she be Michelle instead of Michelle. Oh, Macy. For starters, Michelle is not a Muppet.

Steven Tyler says he’s never been turned down for sex because “I’m very sensual and rhythm-oriented and into poetry.” So is Ralph Macchio, and yet he couldn’t get into some awards event, even though he kept saying, “I’m the Karate Kid!” We saw that coming more than twenty years ago. Janet Jackson has put on weight again. A Russian heiress gave Michael Cera the bracelet off her wrist. No Doubt is reuniting for a 2009 summer tour. Susan Sarandon made the new movie The Greatest because the shoot was short and near her house, and because co-star Pierce Brosnan asked her personally. Ryan Gosling ex Rachel McAdams is now dating “notorious playboy” Josh Lucas. Does anyone know if Ryan is dating someone?

Gucci heir François-Henri Pinault is definitely not the father of the new child of hot French Justice minister Rachida Dati, Pinault’s rep says. Variety critic John Anderson and press rep Jeff Dowd, who was the real-life basis for “the Dude” in The Big Lebowski, got into a fistfight at Sundance after Anderson told Dowd a movie he was flacking for was poor and too simplistic. Britney Spears has enraged parents’ groups with the lyrics of “If U Seek Amy,” because supposedly it sounds like something dirty. But, well, we just listened to it and we can’t figure out exactly the dirty thing she’s saying? Maybe “stick it in me?” What do you think?