Remember New Year’s? It Feels So Long Ago.

Bloomberg visiting with children in an Israeli hospital. Photo: Stuyvestant Fuel

If you are stuck at work on this weird nubbin of a post-holiday day, we’d like to treat you to a brief flipbook of people’s pictures from New Year’s. There’s some near-nudity, some fireworks, some ugliness, and a surprise that will probably require some cleaning up later. You know, the spirit (if not the exact reality) of your celebrations! Try to recapture your feelings of excitement and weirdness as you poke through, because this weekend you’re going to be at a complete loss, stuck in a mire of TV-marathon-watching and gym-avoiding after so much sporadic time off these past two weeks.

Then, if you can, ditch work early. That’s what we’ll be doing, to raise a glass with Jesse Oxfeld, a dear friend, colleague, and true media mensch. Oxfeld, for those of you who haven’t been here for the long haul, was the founding editor of Daily Intel and, later, a senior editor at the print New York. But that’s going to be our last beer-themed happy hour because, dudes, we are so on an all-vodka diet for January.