News: Manning to Be $120 Million Man


The Daily News has two interesting pieces of conjecture today. First, Ralph Vacchiano predicts, based on some chats with NFL sources, that the Giants will have to pony up an unprecedented amount of dough to keep Eli Manning in blue after his current contract runs out next year. Not only do the sources claim that Manning will join the $100 million quarterback club, but they see a possible $15 million deal per season in an eight-year contract, adding up to a potential $120 million with $40 million in possible guarantees. This is all in spite of a late-season slump and a terrible performance on Sunday. If the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement doesn’t change to get in the way, and neither does the economy, it might actually happen.

The other theory the News floats today, courtesy of Filip Bondy, is that Boston is no longer our city’s official sports rival, Philly is. The Phillies have been pounding our Mets for a couple of years now, the Flyers are constantly battling the Rangers and the Devils, and of course we’re still smarting from Sunday’s loss to the Eagles. This, when you think about it, is such a New York way of thinking about other cities. Because no matter who we choose to regard as our rival on a particular year, Boston and Philly’s hatred of New York teams will remain at the same simmering level. That’s just what happens when everyone secretly knows who’s boss.

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