Obama Brings in a Gay! Fred Hochberg Tapped for Import-Export Role


Reports say that Obama will tap Fred Hochberg, a former deputy of the Small Business Administration under Bill Clinton, as the chair of the Import-Export bank. Hochberg was a longtime Hillary supporter, but when Obama secured the nomination, Hochberg went on to bundle over $100,000 for the president-elect — now making him the first major fund-raiser to be given a post. Hochberg (who, colorfully, is heir to the Lillian Vernon catalogue business) currently serves as the dean of the New School’s Milano School of Management. He’s also a New York gay, the best kind! He’ll be the highest-ranking openly gay member of Obama’s administration. He’s been in the middling ranks of the Out Magazine Power 50 for a couple of years, but now he’ll at least be up near Anderson Cooper and Perez Hilton!

Hochberg Named Chair of Import-Export Bank [Atlantic]
Update: Our political czar Dan Amira points out to us that we should not ignore perfectly shiny gayness that Nancy Sutley, the future head of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, is already bringing to the Obama administration. True, true, but she is from Los Angeles, and we don’t really know any of that crowd.