Obama Greeted by 100 Cheering Washington Post Workers


This Obama pool report from Times writer Helene Cooper is making the rounds at the moment. The only thing more awesomely bad than the imagery is the strength of Cooper's disdain:

After three and a half hours at his transition office, PEOTUS obama took another 6 minute ride through washington, arriving at 157 pm at the nondescript soviet-style building at 15th and L street that houses the washington post. Around 100 people--Post reporters perhaps?--awaited PEOTUS's arrival, cheering and bobbing their coffee cups. Pool is holding in a van outside, while Mr obama does his washington post interview, and will exercise enormous restraint by ending report before saying what really thinks about this turn of events.

Oh, man. A hundred cheering Posties? Way to show your hand, guys. The Post throws the snark back at the Times on its website, pointing out that "Obama also sat down with USA Today reporters today, but has not given an interview to The New York Times since winning election." So there you have it. The liberal media elite are not only Obama sycophants, they're also catty bitches.

Obama Visits Washington Post, Says Times Reporter on the Scene [WP]