Obamas and Bushes Meet


When the outgoing and incoming First Families met on the steps of the White House, all four looked warm and happy. Michelle Obama even brought along a gift for them, in a white box with red bow. The coffee is going to be off-the-record, so as they are chitchatting, consider this: Commuter trains are delayed going into Washington, D.C., by up to three hours today. They are packed to the point of no longer allowing on new passengers. Which means that all of the masses of people you see on television in the mall are not even close to the amount of people who will be there by noon, or the amount who hoped to be there but won’t make it.

Okay, commenters, start your engines: What do we think was in that box?

(P.S. Chuck Todd just told us that, while dining at George Will’s house last week, Barack Obama actually drank out of a glass Abraham Lincoln had used. This is getting a little weird.)