Officials Tell Press Paterson Is Leaning Toward Caroline


Earlier today, we wondered whether Governor Paterson was beginning to crack. Now, it seems something has cracked — but maybe just his seal of secrecy. Despite his vow that he was keeping his decision-making process to himself in the matter of Hillary Clinton’s soon-to-be-vacant Senate seat, officials have told CBS and the AP that he’s probably going to pick Caroline Kennedy. We’re not sure whether to believe this; beyond the fact that Caroline is the most controversial choice he could probably make, Paterson is famously tight-lipped, and he’s sworn not to make his official decision until Hillary is confirmed as secretary of State.

Either way, it was kind of nice before we had this type of incremental “I know what he’s thinking!” story. Now, the story line is going to shift toward the Cuddle Gov. We kind of liked it before, when it was all about Caroline not being able to name a place she liked upstate other than the Catskills, Saratoga, and the Adirondacks. We were really hoping for a fashion story next. Like, what is with that puffer coat she’s always wearing? Does she only have one plebe-friendly jacket that isn’t cashmere or mink?

Senator Kennedy? Sources Close To Gov. Believe So [WCBS/AP]
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