Paterson Nixes Davos Trip As Poll Numbers Dip


It seems like we’re not the only New Yorkers who are feeling disillusioned with the Governor Formerly Known As Cuddle. A new Siena Poll out today puts David Paterson only two points ahead of potential rival Andrew Cuomo if a primary were held today. That means the attorney general gained 23 points in just a month’s time. While his favorability and job-approval numbers remain decent, fewer people are sure they’d reelect him than ever. Paterson, after a slew of bad press last week and over the weekend, appears to be noticing all the signs. Rather than jumping ship and going on a glamorous trip to the World Economic Forum at Davos later this week (which he’d been planning on as of this morning), Paterson announced this afternoon that he will stay at home and work.

He also set to work denying that he had anything to do with leaks to the press regarding Caroline Kennedy last week. “I would love to know who is responsible,” he said. “But at this point, I’ve been unable to determine that.” He also told the Times he knows the whole thing has hurt his standing with New Yorkers. “You have ups and downs in public service, and you have to keep working,” he said. “You have to keep doing your best. And if you conduct yourself ethically, I think over a period of time people see that.”

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