People Want Cuomo, But Think Caroline Will Get It


Remember how, earlier today, we commented on how we appreciated the slow blossoming of Andrew Cuomo’s stealth campaign to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate? Well, it looks like he’s managed public expectations well, also. According to a Quinnipiac poll out today, 31 percent of New Yorkers (with a large concentration of supporters upstate) would like to see him in Washington, as opposed to only 24 percent who are rooting for Caroline Kennedy. This is a substantial shift from similar polls a month ago. But, probably because of all the media coverage, more New Yorkers assume that Paterson will pick Kennedy in the end. This is the perception that the Cuddle Guv has been railing against all this time: that there are other people better for the job, but that he’s already chosen her anyway. If Paterson picks Cuomo, it will feel like a small triumph of hard work over privilege. If he doesn’t, going forward in either the AG’s office or future political campaigns, this is probably the best position for Cuomo. A constituency that believes in you but doesn’t really expect much? Sounds good to us.

Q Poll: Cuomo Up, Kennedy Down [NYDN]
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