President Obama Retakes the Oath of Office, Just to Be Sure


Following in the footsteps of celebrated presidents Calvin Coolidge and Chester A. Arthur, President Obama took the oath of office a second time last night out of “an abundance of caution,” his White House counsel said. Now we see why Obama didn’t find it funny yesterday when Joe Biden took a crack at Chief Justice Roberts — they were seeing each other later that night! The second swearing-in was slightly less elaborate than the first — no teeming millions, Yo-Yo Ma, or giant bows — just Obama and Roberts standing across from each other in the White House Map Room, looking like they were about to high-five. (There was also no Bible, which Matt Drudge decided to fret about. Hey Drudge, if Roberts thinks it counts, it counts, dude.) The mood was light, and Obama joked that they were doing it again because “it was so much fun,” and not because Justice Roberts screwed up royally the first time.

Obama Sworn In Again, With Right Words [WP]