Ragin’ Rod Still AWOL From Impeachment Trial


We just love these images of the giant cue cards prepared by the prosecution team against Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich in his impeachment trial before the Senate. They were held up as tapes were played with damning (though largely already public) conversations indicating that Blago was trying to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat. Blago continued his New York media blitz, telling Rachel Maddow on MSNBC that he was “the anti-Nixon.” But then he played Nixon’s second-most famous strategy, the “Checkers” card, by bringing up the new puppy he got his children on the CBS Early Show. He also quickly became cranky when he was asked whether he might be trying to influence a potential jury pool with this constant television exposure, and even began to complain to Fox & Friends that the hosts were “being very mean. It’s unfair!”

We’ve watched a lot of this coverage, and so far as we’ve seen, nobody has raised what we think is the most obvious question. We want to know what he’d answer if someone asked, “Are you aware that everyone following this story thinks you are crazy? Are you planning on pleading ‘not guilty’ by reason of insanity?”

Blagojevich talks puppies and Frank Capra while his impeachment in Chicago goes on without him [NYDN]