New Republic Will Be White House Required Reading, Says Emanuel at New Republic Event


Rahm Emanuel may be Barack Obama’s new chief of staff, but as he revealed at the New Republic’s inaugural musical celebration featuring the Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma, his mother carries a different dream for him. “As a former ballet dancer,” he said from the stage, “let me tell you: For all I’ve done, she still says, ‘You coulda been a dancer.’ No matter what I’ve done: ‘You coulda been a dancer.’ Which is what a Jewish mother instills in a child. A sense of failing at all times.”

Emauel said that on inauguration night, he would be making his mother proud by dancing up a storm at some balls, though he promised his dance moves these days are “nothing that’s worth watching, I can tell you that for sure.” He also may be able to make his mom happy in other ways. He announced that the New Republic, which was required reading during his childhood, “will be required reading in the White House.”