West Village Bohemians to Hang Madoff in Effigy


Inveterate New York cabaret singer Cynthia Crane and her playwright husband, Ted Story, sent out an invitation recently for a “moving out party” at their 1855 townhouse on West 11th Street: “THE PARTY GOES ON! SURE HOPE YOU ARE COMING!” the invitation said, and went on:

How could we possibly explain why we would leave our beloved home of 40 years and all the other changes which we will be making in our lives, without sharing our tale of woe? So I’ll say it once, get it over with, then on with the show. Our nemesis was Bernard L. Madoff. It’s probably enough to say that name, for you to understand the magnitude of the disaster that has befallen our entire family. We are bloody but unbowed. I am blessed with my family and my dear husband, Ted Story. We have our health, we have each other, and we will survive. PLEASE join us for a last fling … give this 1855 Grand Dame a proper send off. Madoff will be hung in effigy. There will be Ponzi Punch and some kind of prison food yet to be determined. (The wonderful Carolyn Montgomery and Lea Forant of Café Forant will perform their magic and keep us all from starving). So come on down.”

But for all that jauntiness, “It’s like opening my veins,” Crane told us in an e-mail.