Rivals: Caroline Kennedy Is ‘Certain’ Paterson Pick


As Paterson continues to drag his feet in announcing his pick to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate, rival contenders have become convinced that he is “certain” to pick Caroline Kennedy. According to the Post, they believe that not picking her after this prolonged process would “greatly embarrass” and “entirely humiliate” her, and tick off her family and maybe even Barack Obama. We’re not sure we agree with this assessment; Paterson has offered up enough gentle mockery of Kennedy’s “candidacy” that it seems to us he’s not too worried about embarrassing her. Still, apparently we’re back to assuming she’s going to get it, after a few weeks of assuming she wouldn’t.

Meanwhile, the Times has a feature on how Caroline is famously private, which we swear we’ve read before like a dozen times. Is this whole process going on so long that we’ve all just begun to repeat ourselves?

In a Most Private Kennedy, a Lure of Public Duty [NYT]