Rod Blagojevich on Today: ‘Willing to Sacrifice Myself for Principle’


Today’s Amy Robach interviewed Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich over the weekend on the eve of today’s impeachment trial. Naturally, she asked him why he was with her instead of preparing for the trial (he’s skipping it to go on The View, naturally). “I’m standing for a much bigger principle,” he said. “I’m telling them, `If you want to throw me out of office, then I’d be willing to sacrifice myself for the principle that everyone is entitled to a fair trial in America.’”

You should watch the clip below if you missed it this morning. But if you don’t have time or headphones, this is definitely the money quote: “[December 9] unfolded and I had a whole bunch of thoughts, of course my children, and my wife. And then I thought about Mandela, Dr. King, Ghandi, and trying to put some perspective in all of this.”

Blagojevich: Corruption Arrest Felt ‘Surreal’ [Today]