Scandal! White Hands on Barack Obama!


Washington hostesses unable to get the president-elect’s RSVP at their inauguration parties this week may think they are being clever by substituting this cardboard version of Barack Obama for the real thing — but little do they know, a scandal awaits them. Slate ladyblog XX has inspected the “color” figures sold by This is Hollywood and found the figures to be in possession of white hands! Furthermore, they note, the hands are holding glasses, which Barack Obama does not wear! Lord in heaven, have the people of the District unwittingly invited a repurposed CHENEY figurine into their homes?

Probably not: The hands are too slender. XX, judging by the glasses, thinks they may belong to Health and Human Services Secretary-designate Tom Daschle. But that doesn’t make sense: Who would have commissioned life-size cardboard cutouts of him? Our bet is on Peter “I’m not a doctor but I play one on TV” Bergman, of television’s The Young and the Restless. Note the suit, the tie, the manly yet delicate grip. And perhaps it won’t be a scandal at all. Recycling is, after all, so 2009.

Barack Obama Doesn’t Have White Hands [XX Factor/Slate]