Sex and the City Sequel Definitely On


Doing another Sex and the City movie is universally acknowledged to be a bad idea for everyone except the producers who will get rich off of it. The cast will be even further entrenched in the tired roles from which everyone already can't mentally separate them, the audiences will inevitably grow tired of characters they spent many years loving, and the fashion industry simply can't survive another disaster trend like the gladiator sandal. But according to Us Weekly (and apologies if we are late on this), the movie is officially on:

Sarah Jessica Parker, 43, Kim Cattrall, 52, Cynthia Nixon, 42, and Kristin Davis, 43, have agreed to appear in the sequel to Sex and the City: The Movie. "Not all the contracts are signed, but everyone is on board," a source tells Us. "It just happened."

(We can only hope that "everyone" includes Britney Spears.) It's not lost on us that Us Weekly, which is constitutionally obligated to love everything involving cocktails and cleavage, unsubtly inserted the ages of each cast member into their nutgraph. Even they are skeptical! Come on, SJP, please don't do this to us. It was bad enough when you made first Samantha, and then Charlotte, get fat this time around. Everybody knows that when a story already has two happy endings, the third one is always a sad one. Like, a primary character dies kind of sad. And we've kind of grown attached to Magda, okay?

Sex and the City Stars Commit to Sequel! [Us]