Spitzer Madams’ Fortunes: One Goes Up, the Other Goes Down


Just a day after Emperors Club madam Cecil Suwal got sentenced to six months in prison for her role in the prostitution ring, word comes that the fortunes of Kristin Davis, another sex worker associated with disgraced former governor Eliot Spitzer, are on the rise. Steppin’ Out’s Chaunce Hayden, who traffics in busty characters like these almost as busily as Davis did, reports that the madam is seeking to sell the names from her little black book back to the New York heavyweights and Hollywood stars that are in it. “A lot of people in Hollywood, politics and sports should be worried. I’ve kept detailed records of all my clients including credit cards, addresses and other personal information,” Davis told Hayden. “I’m not sure what I’ll do yet, but one of my ideas is to allow clients to pay a fee to keep their names confidential. I’m thinking maybe $100,000 dollars a name would be a fair price.” If you like, you can even go on her website and vote to tell her what to do. So get to it! If you get in trouble for looking at an escort’s website at work, tell your boss it’s your civic duty to vote!

Steppin’ Out [Steppin’ Out]