The Duane Reade at Essex and Delancey Is Out of Plan B


There’s a reason Plan B is commonly called the “morning-after pill”: You take it the morning after. In fact, the packaging very clearly states that one should not wait more than 72 hours between fornicating with that stranger and taking the pill, lest you end up with an unwanted, possibly alcohol-poisoned, child. So it’s probably not a good idea to do what the Duane Reade on Essex and Delancey Streets suggests you do, and wait till tomorrow, especially since, actually, this sign has been up all week long. If you have an emergency this weekend — since, after all, it’s much too cold to go out for condoms — our friend, the renowned contraceptive critic Moe Tkacik, suggests you try the Rite Aid at Grand and Clinton. This has been a Daily Intel Public Service Announcement.