The Kennedy Mystique Still Failing to Sway New Yorkers


As Governor Paterson continues to mull his Senate appointment, things seem to be getting worse and worse for Caroline Kennedy. Surprisingly, it seems New Yorkers have been left unimpressed by the haphazard, Palin-esque Kennedy rollout and now prefer Attorney General Andrew Cuomo 54 percent to 34 percent, according to a new poll. A month ago, Kennedy bested Cuomo by twenty points. If math isn’t your forte, that’s a Titanic-level tanking we’re dealing with here. A separate poll shows that Americans as a whole, who have probably been paying only marginal attention to the entire process, support Kennedy more than New Yorkers do. Unless Kennedy can turn public sentiment around, Paterson could decide that appointing her will neither secure that seat for the Democrats in 2010 nor help himself in his own reelection bid. Which means she better have some mind-blowing answers up her sleeve for that questionnaire.

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