The Stephon Marbury Rumored Destination of the Week: Greece!


According to rumors, hoaxes, and pure speculation, Stephon Marbury has been headed to the Boston Celtics, the Dallas Mavericks, and some team in Spain at various points over the past six months. So forgive us if we take any new news flash about his imminent departure with a grain of salt. But ESPN is reporting that Greek club Olympiacos has contacted the Knicks to find out what it would take to get Marbury out of his contract. (In case anyone from Olympiacos is reading this, by the way, we’d like to save you the cost of further long-distance calls: It’ll take a pile of money.)

And while it would be a little strange for Marbury to go oversees when there’s apparently interest in him from NBA teams, it would be almost fitting. Olympiacos, which is paying the now-injured former NBA player Josh Childress almost $11 million per year, would probably make it worth his while. And in the words of Steph himself, “It’s not really about the money, but it’s about the money. Feel me?” And after all the benchings, the buyout negotiations, Marbury’s refusal to play, his subsequent purchase of tickets to see his own team play, and all of the other nonsense from this season, the Knicks hammering out a deal to send him halfway around the world would be an appropriately bizarre ending to this saga. We’re not holding our breath, though. Like we said, grain of salt.

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