The Wisdom of Bernie Madoff: ‘Look at Every Day As Another New Adventure in Your Life’


Fox Business News tonight will air a vacation video of Bernie Madoff relaxing on a yacht, visiting a winery, and hanging in Saint-Tropez with now-deceased real-estate developer Norman F. Levy and his wife, who were one of Madoff’s biggest clients, and, they thought, closest friends. In the video, Madoff offers this touching toast at Norman’s birthday celebration:

The most important thing I would say, and that’s been demonstrated more recently, is enjoy every moment of your life and don’t take anything for granted. But more importantly, take every day as it comes and look at every day as another new adventure in your life. I don’t know anyone that has demonstrated a joie de vivre like you have. You are an inspiration to all of us.

Let this be a lesson to us all: Don’t take anything for granted. Especially your money.

Scenes of Madoff in Happier Times [DealBook/NYT]