Trust Us, You Want Them to Fix That Extra Gap at South Ferry Station


In New York, it’s the little things that always catch you up. Your heel in the ventilation grate, your bag strap on the banister at the PATH station, and the gum that some maniacal asshole put on the seat of the bus. Hence, while we are annoyed that the platform of the $530 million new South Ferry subway station is one inch too far away from incoming trains, such that the station opening will be delayed three to four weeks, we are pleased that they are taking steps to resolve it. Yes, it’s another ridiculous blunder on behalf of the MTA, and sure, it will cost about $200,000 to resolve. But you know why it’s worth it? Allow us to make a brief list of things that are less than one inch wide:

Keys, wedding rings, passports, billfolds, cell phones, eyeglasses, New York Magazine, scarves, stiletto heels, gloves, iPods, The Audacity of Hope, watches, MacBook Airs, illegal DVDs you just bought for $3, shoelaces, earrings, candy bars, BlackBerrys, and flip-flops.

None of which you’d want to fall into that crack because some MTA official thought, “Eh, it’s just an inch.”

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