Video: Colin Powell Breaks It Down at the BET Ball


We’ve witnessed some pretty interesting things at parties this week. Last night, Spike Lee played host at a boutique club called Josefina while wearing a tux, top hat, and leopard-print-rimmed glasses. On Saturday at a hip-hop club, we saw hundreds of people gather to watch Mary J. Blige sit at a banquette on a stage and bob her head to music while a member of her entourage carefully arranged individual strands of hair on her head. There’s also the bizarre matter of being adamantly denied the opportunity to tip coat-check people almost everywhere we’ve gone. But none compare to last night’s BET party, where we witnessed General Colin Powell standing front-row at a surprisingly awesome Wyclef Jean performance, getting personally serenaded during “No Woman, No Cry,” singing along to “Redemption Song,” and dancing to “Hips Don’t Lie.” We have very limited video skills and don’t even really know how to use our camera, but we’ve tried to capture this revelatory moment for you.