Where Is New York’s Windiest Location?


Today is a generally miserable day. But if you’ve been in the city long enough, you know that some parts of the city in winter have it worse than others. You can change the wind, cold, or even angle that the snow is falling around you just by turning a corner. Today, as the snow falls, gets wet, and does its best to ruin your shoes, we’re asking everyone what they think is New York’s windiest location. Is it the meatpacking district, which has been carefully arranged to create a wind tunnel designed to bowl over any women already struggling with stilettos on snowy cobblestones? Is it the Central Park Reservoir, with its wide-openness? Or is it that stretch of 33rd Street toward the Hudson River where all employees of the Daily News, AP, and Channel Thirteen are forced to trudge twice a day?

Put your answers in the comments. Stories that involve a gale-force wind knocking you (or better, someone else) off your feet are doubly appreciated.