Who Is Trying to Steal Obama’s Thunder?


When we heard that Jeremiah Wright was flying down to Washington during Obama’s big moment, despite his best efforts to sabotage his former parishioner’s effort to get there in the first place, we weren’t that surprised. He was probably the one and only person (other than maybe Sarah Palin) we expected to try to steal some of the spotlight from the president-elect (even Beyoncé toned it down yesterday). But we were wrong! There are other people who are insidiously trying to hog the limelight. Take Captain C.B. Sullenberger, the pilot who safely landed US Airways flight 1549 on the Hudson last week. He’s the only other person everyone couldn’t stop discussing over the weekend, and now he’s going to Washington to join in on the fun.

And now we learn that Tom Colicchio, of all people, had to vie for a share of the sun by going and saving somebody’s life by performing the Heimlich maneuver at a dinner party. Can you imagine the gall? This is the one time all year that Obama gets everybody to pay attention to him. Have some respect, heroes.

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