Whoopi ‘Loves’ Elisabeth’s New ‘Love’ for Obama


We’ve been fascinated by how, now that the election is over, The View has regained the easy equilibrium it used to have between hosts. When Ann Coulter appeared on the show earlier in the week, the five women tag-teamed her, with Sherri and Elisabeth getting props from the rest for making smart, incisive points. So when we ran into Whoopi Goldberg at Adour in the St. Regis, where she was promoting DIFFA’s “Dining by Design” fund-raising tour, we asked her if she bought resident rightie Elisabeth’s newfound support for Barack Obama. “We are all starting on the same page, which is, this is our president, this is our country, and we’re going to do everything that we can to support him,” Whoopi said. “And this is why Elisabeth is unlike anyone else you’re going to meet, because she is willing to make the steps … That’s why I love her.”

Okay, so that’s a lovefest — but surely things must have been awkward with Ann Coulter when they cut to commercial. “No, it’s never awkward,” Whoopi said. “Once you work with five women on a panel every day, awkward just doesn’t exist anymore.” Though, the comedian added, the bizarreness of Coulter writing about what it’s like to be a single mother or of mixed race, neither of which the conservative scribe is, was not lost on her. “She wanted to sell her book, and she was able to go off looking like she was really upset,” Whoopi said. “So, we gave her what she needed, and I hope she sells her books, and God bless her.”