Twenty-five Random Things About You …


New York Times writer Douglas Quenqua, who seems to have the Facebook beat with the “Styles” section, wrote today about the phenomenon of the godforsaken “25 Random Things About Me” phenomenon. This actually surprised us, because it was so timely. Though it had been percolating in the back of our minds for a week or two, it was only two days ago that we formed the actual thought that we hate those damn things. Unfortunately, this article just served as a venue for even more TMI tidbits for strangers. For example, now we know that Sarah Morgan, a health-care-industry publicist, “has kissed 6 1/2 boys (No. 16), is legally blind (No. 19) and didn’t go to school until the fourth grade (No. 7).”

So let’s play a game! Go through your Facebook Notes and tell us in the comments the most cloying, confusing, or hilarious “Random Things” you can find that your friends have posted. We’ll get you started from ours: “I’ve ‘been with’$2 2 women,” “I love intercoms,” “The fact that I got food poisening [sic] on a middle school trip to D.C. still haunts me to this day,” “I would totally love to learn Nahuatl,” and “I am terrified of icebergs.”

Ah, Yes, More About Me? Here Are ‘25 Random Things’ [NYT]