A-Rod Still Has a Few Supporters, at Least


Alex Rodriguez broke his silence last night in an ESPN interview, which means everyone around him did as well. Still firmly in the Alex Rodriguez camp: the Yankees, who say they’ll do everything they can to “help him deal with this challenge.” The University of Miami has his back too, as they’re expected to go ahead with plans to open Alex Rodriguez Park this week, with the man himself in attendance. Also fans of A-Rod: the newspaper industry, which he may very well save singlehandedly. And for what it’s worth, Cynthia Rodriguez attended the interview taping, and an eyewitness says it looks like the two of them shared a good cry before it began.

Of course, he’s lost more than a few fans, most notably Barack Obama, who called the revelation that A-Rod juiced “depressing news.” And not that the two of them would be vacationing in the Bahamas together anyway, but we’re pretty sure Sports Illustrated’s Selena Roberts doesn’t think very highly of A-Rod today, now that he’s accused her of stalking him and trying to break into his house. (She called the accusation “absurd” in a statement. Also, we really can’t wait until this book comes out.) The only undecided entity at this point appears to be Congress, which might just have to invite Rodriguez to testify before making a call. Because as we know, there’s no one better at getting the truth out of ballplayers than the United States Congress.