Another Obama Nominee Resigned Today


Hours before Tom Daschle removed his name from consideration for Health and Human Services secretary, another Obama nominee set the precedent. Nancy Killefer, Obama’s choice for “chief performance officer,” withdrew her candidacy because of yet another tax issue. Killefer owed $946.69 in unemployment-compensation taxes for — you guessed it — her household help, which she’d neglected to pay for a year and a half. This quick succession of tax-delinquency episodes has been disturbing, but also eye-opening for us. Are we the only chumps paying all of our taxes, or are you supposed to pick one thing to not pay taxes on (a job, a car, a nanny) and hope you never get nominated to a position in the federal government? Because if so, we’re not too crazy about this Social Security money coming out of our paycheck all the time.

Obama nominee withdraws over tax issue [MSNBC]
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