Arden Wohl Is a Necrophiliac of the Mind


Socialite Arden Wohl’s long-awaited short film, Two Other Dreams, premiered this weekend at APF Lab. A heartwarming (though at times difficult to follow) tale of drugs, strange spirituality, and co-dependency between female friends, the film is running there through February 28, but will probably not get picked up for wider release — in no small part because of a bizarre scene in which Leelee Sobieski’s character fondles a dead Azura Skye. Where did that come from? “I felt like I was mentally masturbating upon an idea. I felt like it was necrophilia,” said Wohl at the after-party at the Soho Grand. “I felt like I was excavating myself and crawling to the top to get something which was dead, and which I could never consume, and which would never bring a life force of anything. In the end, I thought it was necrophilia. Like beating a dead horse. It was finished. It was like something you’ve wanted your whole life. And you could never fully excavate that. You couldn’t encompass that. It was like trying to have sex with a dead person!” Oh.