Behold! The Improv-Comedy Stylings of Stephon Marbury


Say you’re out driving in L.A. and you spot Stephon Marbury at a bus stop. What’s your move? Pull over and ask for an autograph? Snap a photo with your phone? Well, if you’re Brendan McNamara, you grab your video camera and ask Marbury to do a little improv, as evidenced in these absurd clips. Marbury (who, for the record, was waiting for his car from a repair shop, and not waiting for a bus) was totally game, presumably because he has nothing better to do these days. Best moment: When McNamara asks Steph if he’d tattoo his name on his arm if he jumped in front of an oncoming bus and died in Marbury’s arms, and Marbury replies, “That’s crazy, because that has happened!” Least comfortable moment: The awkward silence, and the look on Steph’s face, when McNamara makes a reference to Prop 8.

Starbury Night Live [SLAM via With Leather]