Bloomberg Debuts Campaign Site, Makes First Tweet


The mayoral-campaign website of Mayor Bloomberg was unleashed on the world this morning, and a cursory perusal leaves us with mixed impressions. On the one hand, it’s sleek and uncluttered, and goes especially above and beyond in the language-selection department, allowing you to choose among fourteen different tongues, including Greek, Yiddish, and Haitian Creole. The websites of Bill Thompson and Anthony Weiner don’t seem to have any language options at all (and Weiner’s hasn’t been updated since his last run three years ago). On the other hand, Bloomberg’s welcome-screen video left us unimpressed. It’s not that it requires Flash player, as the City Room fretted. We just expected more than a boring 30-second clip of four citizen testimonials. Where’s the inspirational music? Where are the clips of Bloomberg shaking hands with factory workers, or changing a flat tire? Or cool graphics? You’re a billionaire, don’t skimp! Bloomberg is also trying to prove his hip-oversharer bona fides with a new Twitter page. His first Tweet: “Join us in our campaign to reelect Mike Bloomberg and keep #NYC moving forward at” We’re hooked.