Boa Constrictor Nuzzles Children in Brooklyn


If you’re tired of reading the more gruesome details of the Travis the Chimp saga (“He’s eating her! He’s eating her face!”), we have a crazy animal story you can probably get behind. A four-foot boa constrictor surprised a pair of 7-year-old boys by climbing out of a cushion on the couch where they were playing yesterday. The boys, who were coloring, reacted calmly. One pulled the snake out of the cushion with a broomstick, while the other fetched his mother. Mom came in and tried to throw the snake out the window, but couldn’t manage it. Soon enough, they flagged down a cop car, which took away the beast. “I love snakes. I would have taken good care of it,” said Danny Yunstella. His friend Jay Jhomar, who had just had his birthday and therefore according to the laws of children under 10 had actual claim to any surprise pets, thought differently, though. “I like snakes,” he said. “But not crazy snakes.”

Truer words were never said.

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