Bristol Palin Tells Her Story


Bristol Palin, whose pregnancy made headlines during the presidential campaign, sat down recently with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren to talk about the challenges of being an unwed teenage mother. It’s overwhelming but rewarding, she says, and suggests everyone wait ten years instead of doing something they’re not prepared for, like running for vice-president having a child. Bristol notes that abstinence would be great if it were actually feasible, a position Sarah Palin, who unexpectedly dropped in on the interview, seemed to be coming around to as well. “It sounds naïve, Greta, it does,” said Palin, who has opposed sex education. “Get beyond that, that ideal of abstinence.” Even Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View today conceded that abstinence-only education wasn’t enough.

Looks like Bristol and Levi aren’t the only ones learning from this experience. That’s sweet. Although we were under the impression that Bristol’s pregnancy was none of our business.