Brooklyn EMT Apparently Never Learned That Lesson About BB Guns and Eyes


One time, when Intel editor Chris was a young boy, he shot his older brother out of an apple tree with a bow and blunt-tipped arrow. The very next day, in the driveway, said older brother pulled out a BB gun, pointed it at Chris’s feet, and said: “Dance.”

Was it fun? No. Did we learn a lesson? Not really. Except that BBs, even though they (usually) bounce off your skin, can still really hurt. An EMT in Brooklyn, of all people and places, doesn’t seem to have learned that lesson. Lieutenant Leonard Tiberi, a decorated EMS officer, is under investigation for bringing a BB gun to work to plunk soda bottles and, occasionally, his co-workers. “He thought it was funny, but the guys weren’t laughing,” said the source, who is also, apparently, Intel Chris’s mother. “God forbid, he could have taken out an eye!”