Upper West Side Woman Sues Neighbor’s Chihuahuas


We at Daily Intel love and trust of all God's creatures, except for three: birds, because they are the terrorists of the sky; monkeys, because you never know when they might eat your face; and Chihuahuas, because they are always getting underfoot and yapping and staring at you with those weird bulgy eyes of theirs. Like you're the weird one. Which is why we empathize with Paulette Taylor, the Upper West Side woman who is suing her neighbor because his two Chihuahuas "bark in a manner that is offensive, constant, continuous and incessant." Paulette wants $500,000 for "emotional and physical distress." We'd normally dismiss this, but, to be fair, it sounds like they are literally driving her insane:

Taylor, 62, says in the suit that the dogs have her so stressed that she can't sleep. The suit adds that Henderson "may even be guilty of inciting his Chihuahuas to bark."

She also has requested the neighbor get "some sort of soundproofing," ostensibly so that she won't have to move to a place with padded walls herself. "We're asking for a restraining order against the dogs," her lawyer told the Post, which is amazing. We wish them the best of luck. In the meantime, Paulette should definitely stay away from the below video.