Christine Quinn Knows How to Frame a Tax Increase


There’s a lot of talk these days about raising income taxes on New York’s rich, however that’s defined. Shelly Silver may amend his “millionaire’s tax” to take into account people that aren’t quite millionaires, and State Senator Eric Schneiderman wants to raise taxes on everyone making over $250,000 a year. Sure, we have a huge steaming pile of deficit to deal with, but some people predict that raising taxes will drive the wealthy out of the state. Plus, these tax increases just sound so … taxy. Very much like the taxes that we currently hate paying. If you’re going to get people to support a tax increase, you need to really sell it. Which is what Christine Quinn was doing in her State of the City address earlier this afternoon when she introduced her plan to raise taxes on those making over $297,000 a year. “Right now, New York City taxes everyone making above $90,000 the exact same tax rate,” Quinn said. “It’s shameful; Bernie Madoff pays the exact same tax rate as a public-school principal.” Bernie Madoff! That guy’s a dick! Tax away, and God bless you, you sweet woman.

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