Clinton, Iran Edging Closer to Contact


Yesterday at a press conference in the Czech Republic, Hillary Clinton said she hoped that the U.S. and Iran could open a direct dialogue and “develop a better understanding of one another.” She remained firm on her opposition to a nuclear Iran, though, and said their continued pursuit of uranium enrichment is “a very unfortunate course for them to pursue.” She was reacting to comments in Tehran by Iranian president Ahmadinejad, who said his nation is ready to talk to the U.S. in an atmosphere of equality and mutual respect. On Monday, Obama made similar comments about opening a dialogue. (Tehran and Washington ended relations in 1979.)

After these pleasantries, Iran made the first move. The Islamic Republic News Agency, the official news organization of Ahmadinejad, requested an interview with President Obama. He’s obviously not going to say yes, but sometimes it’s just nice to be asked, right?

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