Dems to Take Battle With GOP to the Airwaves


Greg Sargent hears that Democratic leadership is worried that the GOP is winning the war of public opinion over the stimulus bill because there are more right-wingers ranting and raving on television about it than there are liberals. In fact, according to a Think Progress study, Republicans have outnumbered their foes two to one on cable news shows debating the issue. Reports Sargent:

“Republicans are winning this thing right now because more of them are shouting louder, not because of what they are shouting,” one very senior leadership aide who is directly involved in booking Congressional guests on the chat shows conceded bluntly to me. “Moving forward, we need to be much more aggressive in deploying our folks,” the senior leadership aide said. “We need to saturate the airwaves like it is the week before an election.”

Oy, do you remember that week? It was exhausting. Still, it's not a bad point. Especially since Democratic congressman are so good with the one-liners.

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