Despite End of Campaign, Obama Still Pretending He Likes Beer


You may recall that back during the Democratic primaries, in the run-up to Indiana and Pennsylvania, the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton suddenly turned into a contest of blue collar–ness revolving around the drinking of beer. Naked pandering aside, those were some fun times. But we kind of expected Obama to settle back into reality once the campaign was over. Apparently, though, he’s still pretending that he actually enjoys drinking.

At a town hall in Indiana yesterday, a questioner mentioned to President Obama that conservative media personality Sean Hannity had offered to sit down with him for a beer. “Generally his opinion of me does not seem to be very high,” Obama replied, “but I’m always good for a beer.” Ha! White House spokesman Robert Gibbs followed up this morning on Fox & Friends, claiming that if Hannity brought a “six-pack of Budweiser,” Obama would meet him “anywhere he wants to go.” Priceless. Look, we understand that the modern president is caught in a kind of permanent campaign, but we know the real Obama. The man with the 1,000-bottle wine cellar. The man who asked what this so-called Yuengling was. The man who surreptitiously had his shot glass of vodka replaced with water during a trip to Russia. We see right through you, Obama. You’re just not a drinker. It’s okay. Hopefully, with all the real issues going on right now, the next election won’t hinge on who voters “want to have a beer with” anyway.

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