Flight 1549 First Officer Surprisingly Naïve About Bird Attacks


Last night on Letterman and a pre-taping of Larry King, US Airways captain Chesley Sullenberger and first officer Jeffrey Skiles relived, for the umpteenth time, their experience crash-landing Flight 1549. We learned two things from these appearances: One, that Skiles is kind of hilarious (see video), and two, he is willfully naïve about the threat of bird terrorists. Describing the moment the plane hit, Skiles explained to King, “It’s my feeling that they were Canada geese just because they were all evenly spaced in line, like Canada geese fly.” Obviously, the implication here was that this was an organized assault. King asked whether he felt he was “being attacked.” “Well, I’m sure the birds didn’t intend that,” the first officer replied.

Oh, really, Jeff Skiles? Are you sure the bird attack was unintentional? Are you willing to bet the future of the unsuspecting human race on it? We didn’t think so. Keep looking up, people — because the birds? They’re always looking down.