Gay Prince From NBC’s Kings Is Dating UES Princess From Gossip Girl


Big Gay Richard over at Gawker tells us a little bit more this morning about the role actor Sebastian Stan will be playing in the upcoming NBC drama Kings. Turns out that Stan will play Jack Benjamin, the gay son (and therefore prince) of King Silas Benjamin, who rules the kingdom of America from the great city of New York. As it should be. Daddy Silas always wished he had a hot macho son instead of a hot fey one, though, so Jack gets pushed aside in his father’s affection for Chris Egan, the cute blond guy you see in all the ads for the show.

This is noteworthy mostly because Sebastian Stan is dating Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester. In fact, they’re reportedly engaged, though we don’t believe it, because really, they’re like 9. Regardless, how fun is that? A gay prince and UES princess having an inter-network romance! All we need now is for Jonathan Rhys-Myers from The Tudors to date Michael Urie from Ugly Betty and we’ll have an entire sexy royal family!

The Gay Prince of New York [Gawker]