Gillibrand Wants Shooting Tips From Bloomberg


When Kirsten Gillibrand was appointed to the Senate by Governor Paterson in late January, Mayor Bloomberg put out a statement expressing “strong disagreement” with her opposition to “the efforts of New York City, and cities around the state and nation, to enact commonsense measures that keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals.” But after meeting with her in Washington yesterday, Bloomberg should feel a little more at ease. The two talked for about twenty minutes, after which Gillibrand left pledging to work with Bloomberg to “keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals.” Nailed it, word for word! She also asked Hizzoner to teach her “how to shoot,” which we found a little bizarre. You mean the upstate, hunters’ rights advocate adored by the NRA knows less about shooting guns than the exceedingly wealthy, Jewish, gun control–championing mayor of the nation’s most cosmopolitan city? Everything we know is wrong.

Mayor Bloomberg, Sen. Gillibrand meet in Washington [NYDN]